Tobin takes Spidey back to Secret Wars

smsecretwars_cover1Latest news from Marvel HQ is that Paul Tobin and Patrick Scherberger, the creative team behind Dr. Doom & The Masters of Evil, are re-uniting on Spider-Man and the Secret Wars. The 4-issue limited series takes us back to the Beyonder’s Battleworld and follows the cosmic tale from the web-slinger’s point of view, black costume and all.

In an interview with CBR, writer Tobin discussed what drew him to the project and Spider-Man specifically: “Spidey’s basic heroism is what appeals to me. Spider-Man is WAY out of his league here. He can lift a car, but he’s fighting guys who literally toss mountains and eat planets.

“A lot of guys would hunker down and weep, but Spidey takes this all in stride,” he added. “Sure, it’s a sort of stomach-queasy and anguished stride, but he won’t ever stop, and that’s what I love about him.”

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