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Bruce Campbell acting Mysterio, new New Moon trailer

Hotel Inter-ContinentalDirector Sam Raimi is reportedly giving fan favourite Bruce Campbell a ‘major role’ in Spider-Man 4, possibly as the master of illusion Mysterio. Shooting starts in January 2010 … Recent sightings of Volturi, werewolves and a vampire Robert Pattinson can only mean one thing; a brand new New Moon trailer … DC are bringing Superman/Batman’s  continuity back in line with the rest of the verse … X-scribe Matt Fraction discusses the recent outcome of Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus … Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to be Lobo! The Watchmen actor also talks Losers …


Fly me to the moon


Man, I love Moon Knight. Almost as much as Iron Fist. So am I glad to see this – artist David Finch‘s variant cover to this month’s relaunch: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1.

About time: Preview to Planetary #27

planetary_27-1It’s official! Wildstorm has confirmed that the long awaited Planetary #27 by Warren Ellis and  is coming this October. And here’s some completed preview pages to prove it.

Previewing Haunt


Don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to Haunt in a peverse kind of way. The word from the Image camp is ‘different’, and you throw in   Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and a Todd McFarlane with Spawn-mojo circa ’92, and this might just be a hit. Until its October release date, we’ve been left with these preview pics.

Quitely does it … again!


Not going to say much about this piece other than amazing, Frank Quitely, cover and Batman and Robin #5.

Ellis on Supergod

86184_224167_5Some killer pages from Warren Ellis‘ upcoming Supergods, the third title in his loose collection of superhero stories from Avatar. Ellis posted this description on his blog, pretty trippy stuff, and more of what we’ve come to expect from his free-flowing stream of superhero consciousness.

….there’s still that little scratchy voice in the middle of the night: I don’t want to be alone. I want there to be something bigger, something that moves in mysterious ways and wants only the best for us. And I will forgive it, the disgusting state of this world, and all the things in it that want to crush and kill me, and have faith that something incredible and invisible and unknowable will make things better. And so (in SUPERGOD), just to make sure, I will build it and keep it by me. I will pretend it’s a weapon, a defensive capability, a computing object or a construction machine – but really it is a Messiah.

Hairsine inks Killapalooza cover

Inks and sketches baby — take a look at Trevor Hairsine‘s creative process for the cover to Killapalooza #4.