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Pixar eyeballing Ant-Man; Planetary almost here

planetaryThe internet went into overdrive with the news that Disney’s Pixar is “eyeballing” an Ant-Man movie, nice idea but no doubt we’ll be hearing these stories on a regular basis now that Disney is looking to recoup some of the $2billion it payed for Marvel … Final issue of Planetary is getting closer. John Cassaday‘s colours are in and preview is up for Warren Ellis‘ (who also has Supergod from Avatar coming soon) much awaited finale … Terry Gilliam‘s “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” featuring the final performance by the late Heath Ledger, will have its US premiere on Oct. 11 … X-Men and Invincible Iron Man writer Matt Faction tells the LA Times “How he made it” … and Ed Brubaker wants you dead apparently

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About time: Preview to Planetary #27

planetary_27-1It’s official! Wildstorm has confirmed that the long awaited Planetary #27 by Warren Ellis and  is coming this October. And here’s some completed preview pages to prove it.

Cassaday on Cap reborn

1251412171Now there’s covers and there are covers … and this is a cover! Flaming guys, the Sub-Mariner, a bad-ass Cap and Union Jack all staring down the audience, complete with burning wreckage in the background. John Cassaday take a bow.

Oh yeah, its the cover to Captain America: Reborn #3. And the story features Dr. Doom and the Red Skull together again!