Damn dirty zombies

teaseJust found this sweet Jason Shawn Alexander teaser. Logan sticking it to zombie Wolverine.


Staples gives us North 40 cover #5

webN40cover5-732335Here’s cover #5 for one of the surprise comic break-outs this year: Wildstorm‘s North 40, a story about a Midwestern American town that holds a secret in its library — a book that brings dreams and nightmares to life. Written by Aaron Williams with art by Fiona Staples (Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor), North 40 features great art and lots of Lovecraftian-style tentacle creatures, which should be enough to get you down to the local store to check it out.

Fly me to the moon


Man, I love Moon Knight. Almost as much as Iron Fist. So am I glad to see this – artist David Finch‘s variant cover to this month’s relaunch: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1.

About time: Preview to Planetary #27

planetary_27-1It’s official! Wildstorm has confirmed that the long awaited Planetary #27 by Warren Ellis and  is coming this October. And here’s some completed preview pages to prove it.

Previewing Haunt


Don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to Haunt in a peverse kind of way. The word from the Image camp is ‘different’, and you throw in   Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley and a Todd McFarlane with Spawn-mojo circa ’92, and this might just be a hit. Until its October release date, we’ve been left with these preview pics.

Summer shines on Dollhouse


Sci-fi fan fave Summer Glau will be joining the cast of Joss Whedon‘s Dollhouse a press release from Fox has confirmed. The Firefly actress will be playing Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a past with Eliza Dushku’s Echo.

Cassaday on Cap reborn

1251412171Now there’s covers and there are covers … and this is a cover! Flaming guys, the Sub-Mariner, a bad-ass Cap and Union Jack all staring down the audience, complete with burning wreckage in the background. John Cassaday take a bow.

Oh yeah, its the cover to Captain America: Reborn #3. And the story features Dr. Doom and the Red Skull together again!